March 30, 2010

I am back

Last week was absolutely crazy, but we managed to design a paper set in the lane way for my partners PHD performance and even managed to keep the rain at bay 2 hours before the performance. And while I talk about spaces, I would like to share these stunning and yet so minimalistic images by Anne Kathrin Greiner.

March 21, 2010

Between homes

While I was crunching up paper for Paul's upcoming PHD dance performance next week, I relalised that it must be time for another post. A while ago I received these lovely images from Sarah Girner. About her project she says: "For the last year I have been working on a project called The Transience of Things, which focuses on Estate Sales in Westchester County. The sales strike me as incredibly interesting because it is the last time that the homes (be that a childhood home or a place you lived your entire life) exist in all their parts. I walk through the rooms and I can piece together the owners' lives bit by bit. The sales are usually related to death, divorce or a move. What interests me further is that these particular houses are all located in affluent Westchester County where many of the interiors have not changed since the 1950's. The flight to the suburbs and Cheever and Yates come immediately to mind. So does Betty Friedan. In some of the houses the frantic color-coding of furniture and wallpaper reminds me of The Problem That Has No Name."

I always enjoy "quiet" images which leave me with plenty of space to think and dream. Next week will be a absolutely crazy with setting up the set, so I can not promise that I will be able to post anything.

March 17, 2010


I adore people with a passion. I do not necessarily need to share it, but their enthusiasm makes their project/interest so interesting and exciting that it is easy to understand what draws them to it in the first place. So when I came upon Aaron Wojack's "Pigeon Flying" I was once again reminded how infectious passions can be. I think he did a great job portraying this special relationship between the birds and their keepers and whilst I will not take up pigeon keeping, I will certainly look at them a little differently knowing their history.

March 15, 2010

I can almost hear the sounds

Many thank you's to everybody who submitted images for this blog or UYW. Whilst I try to have a look at all of the submissions (and get back to you), sometimes I simply run out of time and hope that I will get to them later. These rich and intensely colored images are from Marko Tardito from France. I can almost hear the sounds of the kids, smell the seawater and engulf myself on a little adventure.

March 13, 2010

Love of poppies

Last November I had the pleasure to travel to Tasmania to take some images of drought resistant grass fields. It was not long before I discovered these fields of white and I simply had to find a way to get to that property. I adore poppies and have never seen white ones before, so you can imagine my delight, standing amongst these gorgeous flowers - I felt like Alice in wonderland.

March 12, 2010

Friday on my mind

I love fridays, and saturdays, wednesday, well actually all days, but I am happy for it to be friday today. I am off to a meeting, then the market, a dance dress rehearsal and then I have a date with my partner. Perfect ending to a busy week. Have a great weekend.

March 11, 2010

Every time I think I do not have enough time for UYW and my blog, I get inspired all over again by all the artists out there, constantly producing amazing images. These images are from Yann Orhan and I simply adore their softness which lead me into a story through the wilderness.

March 10, 2010


Last friday I was absolutely delighted to receive an invitation to join Culturehall. From their website: "Culturehall is a curated online resource for contemporary art where selected artists can share their work with curators, gallerists, collectors and other artists. We provide free artist portfolios with an easy to use set of web-based tools to make presenting art online simple and efficient. Our community of artists consists primarily of MFA graduates, arts professionals and teaching artists. Membership is available by invitation."

I was so inspired that I started a new project "After the rain". While these images are just a tiny tiny beginning, the ideas are gathering momentum and so is the rain for once in Australia. Now all I need is some spare time and more rain. What I love about a new project is that it keeps me inspired and my eyes open. While these are only a test run to explore the translation of the initial idea, I enjoy how the idea becomes broader and more layered with time. All projects start with that very first image and then it is up to us to follow through, discover and experiment (or sometimes ditch the idea) which seemed so graceful when we first imagined it.

March 9, 2010

UYW Issue 5

Tuesdays which feel like mondays and months slipping by in no time. Once again, I can not believe another month has passed, but below is the new issue of UYW. At the heart of this journal you’ll find five artists who use photography as an art that transforms their world into stills, touching upon telling stories that strive for new visions. Often I imagine them to work in complete silence, their eyes trained intensely on refinement. These images are a little love affair which seduce and hypnotise - they are a source of inspiration, perfectly balanced and reduced to their most basic essence.

Darren Rigo > displacement
Fabio Severo > portraits
Justin Walker > fathers mine
Rodolfo Vanmarcke > modern solitudes
Steven Beckly > little wolf

You can download UYW (17mb) here, or view the spreads here

March 5, 2010


Today I would like to share the outstanding work by Xiong Wenyun found through Galleria dell'Arco. Once again, I could not locate the photographers website, but was smitten with these images.
Through further research I found more information on the design boom website: "the 'rainbow' project is organized as an articulated ensemble of outdoor performances, environmental installations, and production of photographs. 'marking' several lorries with gigantic cloths painted in the seven colours of the rainbow, the artist leads a long and colorful caravan along the desolate and impassable route that connects bejing with the tibetan plateau, passing through town and cities inhabited by and peoples for whom art and color remain alien concepts.
thus, the artist has created metaphorically a living rainbow with the dual intent of sharing and, at the same time, investigating the revelatory and magical power of colour. the idea of the artistic experience as a moment of sharing together with the use of codes of land art conceived of as a collective performance constitute the historico-critical coordinates against which we must read a work which presents itself as a bridge (the very structure of the rainbow).
in presenting itself thusly, the work of art seeks to act as a bridge between the universalistic aspirations of an ‘art of the people and amongst the people’, and a profound and lyrical reassessment of the value of colour and the rainbow in chinese culture, and, in particular, in the buddhist interpretation of tibetan tradition (for the tibetan monks, the rainbow symbolises the ladder that unites the earthly sphere with the celestial)."
Yesterday I also noticed that Xiong Wenyun is represented by Three Shadows Photography Art Centre.