July 24, 2009

A long way from home

I was born in Hermannstadt - Rumania, so when I came across David Leventi's images, I just had to post them as they remind me so much of my grandparents village. My great grandmother had this tiny house you had to climb up on these tiny stairs and the most amazing Orchard just behind her house, where I spent happy afternoons, when I was not sitting with her and eating her sweet cakes. Last year when I went home to Germany we had planned to make a trip back to Rumania, but it all proved a bit too hard and instead we flew to Barcelona. But I would love to go there again.

July 23, 2009

Sleeping by the Mississippi

Today I came across Alec Soth and these are his lovely images from his series "Sleeping by the Mississippi".

July 22, 2009

Close to my heart

Today I have applied for Critical Mass and came across Rita Bernstein who was a top 50 winner in 2008. Here are a few of her amazing prints - Hand applied silver emulsion on Japanese gampi paper.


Who doesn't love airports? Apart from the over priced food and bad coffee... I simply adore them because we either get to go on adventure, pick up some great friends (others aren't really worth picking up) or watch people meet again after a long absence. A couple of years ago I got in contact with a few people from Melbourne Airport and asked if I could document comings and goings. They told me if I manage to get a photography grant I might, but I never finished writing that application as Australia hardly fund the arts.... So, last year I was almost arrested in Melbourne for taking some pictures at the airport, and then again, no one seemed to mind this time.... strange blurry little world.

July 21, 2009


I wish I could go more often on holidays or be able to fly just to continue taking these images. I like it that you dont really know exactly what is - you are seeing.

July 20, 2009


I have been trying to photograph the Australian bush for a while now. I find it "too messy" just too much going on.... and the light is harsh and too white. I absolutely enjoy going bush walking, but when it comes to photographing forests I find the European/Japanese much calmer. So this time instead of concentrating on the bush I started to look forward to photographing my way.... I feel these images leave my walk up to the imagination of what it looked like, without giving evberything away, ie, where I was heading, if I was going or coming.... Some walks are hard to follow and even harder to find your way back. I remember last year, I am sure we wouldn't have been able to make our way back without pink little ribbons around the trees, as we were in full jungle land and it all started to look a bit the same after 7 hours.


Whilst up north I was very inspired by all the water we saw. I find these images very calming and can see that maybe a new series will start from here, but first things first.... at the moment my to do list seems to get longer and longer by the day.... Ohh and you couldn't really swim in these waters as there could have been some crocodiles around.

July 18, 2009

Upside down

What can I say. I absolutely loved our holiday and we really enjoyed the 30 degrees everyday. We swam in waterholes, drank rainbowed water, walked to far away places and were offered fresh Barramundi on our wedding anniversary. I couldn't have asked for anything else other for it to last maybe a week longer. I absolutely love lying on my back and staring at the clouds, tress etc... I find them very calming this way and I also enjoy taking my photos this way. I hope to have enough time over the next few weeks to organise my new images from this trip and show them here. The ones on film will take me probably forever to scan again, but I am so please with them. My new camera is great, but after the 5th day I mainly took my beloved Hasselblad with me on our hiking trips.

July 10, 2009

Pure simplicity

I am a reader and I enjoy reading artists statements, but Elspeth Diederix was a treat. "Elspeth Diederix (born Nairobi, Kenya, 1971) is an artist who is always on the move. Travelling for her is a way of life. Even though most of her photographs are taken in exotic locations, evidence of this is seldom found in her work. Purposefully she herself remains on the outside. Instead of being absorbed by the setting of her subject, she prefers to maintain a high degree of detachment. This enables her to create a sense of alienation and in her photographs she achieves this by stripping everyday objects of what normally one takes for granted. There comes a moment when everyday objects lose their sense of familiarity, acquire another meaning and seem to become almost abstract. Such moments are used by Elspeth Diederix as a starting point for her images."

July 7, 2009

A piece of luck & other stories

For the last month I have been working on my new series "A piece of luck & other stories" which will be presented at the Brunswick Street Gallery at the end of July. I have narrowed the images down, but have still not made up my mind completely, which I will show. I will wait and see how those proofs turn out. Below are a few which havn't made it to my website. I have to confess that I am utterly in love with these old books, and still find inspiration by the little traces of history left behind. When I first started playing with these books I was amazed by the simple landscapes they created so naturally. Sometimes the less we see the more we can use our imagination.

July 5, 2009

Farewell in Labrador

I think it was last week that I came across Kurt Tong's image on Flak. I really enjoyed his image, so I had to go and see more of his work.... and after reading his blog, I contacted him to find out if he would be happy to share his Santa Fe experience. Below are some of his gorgeous images with a perfect title "Farewell in Labrador".