February 18, 2011

UYW goes to print

I have dreamed about it for the last year, have fretted about it for the last few months and here it is - I say it - UYW goes to print*. I am actually doing it. That was scary - I guess not just writing it, but putting it out there... So artists are invited and as I wait for them to confirm, I ordered some paper and book samples.
No I have not received a grant to print UYW (one has to write these grants first and they are soooo much work, but will get back later to this), nor have I won in Lotto or had a project which paid me handsomely - wish. No what motivated me was this. The Foto Book Festival sounds like a great opportunity to show UYW to a new audience, and once again - no I do not expect to win, but one can always dream and put it out there, expecting nothing but hoping for the best. I live with a yoga master - hence my contentment.... just made myself giggle. Anyway, if nothing happens at the book fair I will look for other ways to bring you a printed copy. I am not sure what this year will bring, but the year of the rabbit sounds rather exciting.
Ok, so here is my dilemma. I have invited 11 artists and think of including myself in the book. So far, I have always been of the opinion that if I curate - I do not include myself, but these days I think - that if I do not include myself (every so often), how or when do I get my own work out there? (And yes I included myself in the Jan 2010 issue, but that was because an artist confirmed and then never sent the images, and at that stage I didnt have anyone else lined up). I opened up a discussion page for this and am very interested to hear your thoughts.

* Initially I will print only 5 copies - with the paper and quality I am after, and then we'll dream further.

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