June 14, 2010


A while ago I came upon Stratis Vogiatzis website and his images made my heart sing. I have to confess at the moment I do not see many images which grab me and I am not sure if it is me - as I do not have time as usual to ponder, think, question etc. It requires a lot of energy to "see", find and to be amazed, but when I come upon great images it is not a question as they speak to me instantly. It is always easy to see beauty, even if one is tired.

June 3, 2010


Hmm, so the new UYW issue is half finished, but will be delayed for a little bit, as I am currently moving house and trying to finish my design projects before I leave for Europe next week. I can not wait. Time to see my family again, hang out with friends, dream, take photos and try to come up with some grandiose plans for when I get back. Today I would like to share Dide - an online photography magazine. In this issue you will find a well written text by Fabio Severo - I simply adore his knowledge and writing on photography. His style draws me through language filled with poetry, to inform me about matters and leaves an energy behind which I know to be his enthusiasm and passion on the given subject.