November 30, 2010

Looking outward

If we find someone gazing into the distance - we are intrigued. We wonder what catches their attention and makes them look in the same direction? There is a quiet sharing of knowledge while studying the distance. Ana Cabaleiro's beautiful film images do just these. They make us gaze out with her.

November 29, 2010


On saturday while there was a power failure I finally got around to tidying my office. The key is to sort everything and eleminate anything you do not need. You know how it is once you loose control, your study it will stay like that for a long while... Tim Davis "Office" images have a simplicity combined with an abundance of beautiful colours. And as Albert Einstein said: "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."

November 28, 2010

Habits of dreaming

"Either one does not dream at all, or one dreams in an interesting manner. One must learn to be awake in the same fashion: either not at all, or in an interesting manner.” Friedrich Nietzsche
Dreaming can be a form of planning and framing the hours inside our imagination. Looking at Joe Nigel Coleman's "dreaming" series I am guided through his grand possibilities which make me ask if I am dreaming or remembering.

November 27, 2010

Natural history

I came across Kim Boske's work in the new Foam magazine and simply had to look up her website. I was rather delighted to come across her series "decay can be very slow". I am drawn to these images as I get to experience nature in slow time. I can look and study these animals for as long as I wish - without them simply vanishing into thin air. Her images provide us with a lot of information - past - present - and it can take a while to be able to register the details. Not hidden, but one has to look closer to find those treasures.

November 18, 2010

Our garden

Ok, so it has been a bit quiet here over the last month but I thought I show you why. Well we moved into this new house in the country and our garden is 10 times bigger - well definitely bigger then the tiny one we had in the city. Dont get me wrong - it is not huge, but to look after 1000sqm is enough to keep me happily busy. A couple of month ago I took these - wandering around and discovering all the plants. As always, it is interesting to look back, because since - our garden has turned into a jungle and keeping up with it - is a battle I enjoy.

November 13, 2010

From one page to another

There is so much great information available that it is hard to find time for anything else. Have a look at the new Ahorn magazine. While there, maybe read the great and insightful interview with Todd Hido. Then I found an interesting video with Roger Ballen, part of DVAfoto blog, which is also on the list of favorite photo bloggers on Wired’s Raw File. And dont forget to have a look at this incredible video by Aaron Huey on TED about his project on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. There is no end to great images & stories, but sometimes it is good to shut down the computer and step away from it. So... I am off to the market and then to take some more images of the rain.

November 10, 2010


Is there a subject greater than the sea? Do all rivers take you to the sea? "Asleep at sea" is a stunning series by Jane Tam.

November 7, 2010

Intangible conflict

I have been researching infra red techniques and images and came across Richard Mosse's "Infra". I have never seen such amazing infra reds, that I had to find out more. So, after more research I found two great interviews here and here. And the irony of this is, that after all this research I discovered that the film is no longer available.

November 5, 2010


"Another Country" is the first book of photographs devoted to the British in France by Rip Hopkins. Of his work he says: "I find myself behaving differently when speaking each language. In English, I am calmer than in French. I often catch myself suppressing emotions, whereas in French I let them go. Discussions in English tend to be pragmatic and an outcome is expected, while in French, issues tend to be abstract and I toy with ideas with no real conclusion in mind. Hence, I can be more British in English and more French in French."
You can find more info & purchase the book here and here. His portraits are outstanding in that you can really "see" and the other person.

"I’ve spent all my life trying to run away from myself": Joel Thomas Grant (32) left his home in Bath at the age of 15 and ran away to live here in 1992. Adopted by both British and French communities, he is known as Joël by the French and Tom by the British. He is a builder most of the time. Bogs (9) is half Beauceron, half Rhodesian Ridgeback. He wants to stay.

"I can’t help thinking that life may be better in England" : Jeanne Chapman came from Abu Dhabi in 1997. Prior to that she lived between London and West Africa. Jeanne was a dancer with the Ballet Rambert. She might go back to England.

"It doesn’t matter where you go, you always take yourself": Aaron Blond (47) came in 1986 from Norfolk. He previously worked with his father in the family publishing company and is now a builder. He doesn’t know whether he will go back.

"We make our own life": Peter Whitehouse (76) has had holiday houses in the area with his partner Ted Moore for over 30 years. Growing up in London and Surrey, he then lived and worked with Ted as an architect in Lagos, Nigeria from 1956, before settling here permanently in 2005. Rain (11) is an Italian Greyhound, Dune (12) is a Saluki, and Wallis (11) is a Pug inherited from their friend, Eric Boyes. They are all here to stay.

"Travel broadens your horizons": Graeme Wallace (48) grew up in Aberdeen and came here from Tripoli, Libya in 2007. He lives and works in the Château Mas de Montet with his partner Richard Stimson. He previously taught English and worked in various places around the world, especially in the Middle East. He will play it by ear over whether or not he stays, but in the unlikely event of leaving, he would return either to Britain or Libya.

November 3, 2010

Colonial past

Over the last couple of weeks I wrote a couple of posts in my head, but the words never made it to the computer... sorry for the lack of posting, but I needed some time out, to refresh, regroup and work on my own work for a while. Today I would like to introduce you to Eva Leitolf. She is showing her series "Rostock Ritz" on Namibias colonial past at Galerie Polaris booth (B37) at Paris Photo - wish Paris wasnt at the other end of the world all the time.

November 1, 2010

One year, eleven issues & 65 artists

How quickly time passes. I am very excited to present you with a double issue in collaboration with Andrés Marroquín Winkelmann this month. I featured Andrés in December last year and staying in contact we decided to put together a double feature.

But before I introduce the artists in this edition I wish to say thank you to everyone who helped make UYW possible. A year ago I started UYW and it has been a pleasure working with everyone. If I had a Gallery, these works would have graced the walls and I would have shared a glass of wine with you. While I have not been able to realize a printed version or an exhibition yet, UYW leaves behind a permanent Exhibition - white pages organized like a gallery.

But back to this issue. May I introduce

Amy Elkins
Alexander Binder
Anne Schwalbe
Tobias Kruse
Will Steacy
Max Sher
Jan Schreiber
Robin Friend
Stratis Vogiatzis
Gianluca Gamberini

You'll find the new issue here