August 31, 2009

Wish I could be there

Yesterday I received an email from Joseph Bellows Gallery announcing their latest exhibition with Bill Arnold. I have no idea how I got to be on their mailing list, but was very excited to be, as it was a pleasure browsing through their amazing artists list.
Arnold says, "I think the job of the artist is to cheer for life in all its parts. Nothing left out. Nothing exalted. No attempt to improve. Only to show something be it tragedy, ecstasy or buffoonery. We are part of a million, million year process and the artist's job is to celebrate being part of it." His photographs are imbued with a spirit of observation and discovery and show us beauty in the everyday and mystery in the mundane. I couldn't download the images, so you will have to use the link.

The exhibition will be on view from September 5th through October 10th, 2009. An opening reception will be held on Saturday, September 5th (5-8 pm).

Joseph Bellows Gallery
7661 Girard Avenue La Jolla, CA 92037
Tel (858) 456-5620 Fax (858) 456-5621
Tuesday - Friday 10am - 5pm
Saturday 11am - 5pm

August 30, 2009

Open for mistakes

When I first saw these images by Bryan Graf I was certain that they were photographed with film and opened while the film was still in the camera and not a digital camera, but the longer I look at them - less I seem to know and my certainty fades.

August 27, 2009

New paper find

Yesterday I read Pia's blog and was amazed when I read: "I don’t know about you, but my week has been rather chaotic. Not so much on the outside, but on the inside. My head is full of stuff. It is filled with to-do lists, demands, commitments, negotiations to be made, responsibilities weighing heavy, and emotions riding high. On the outside I may be cool, calm and collected but on the inside, it’s a wild and crazy ride." So many ideas and sometimes I am not sure how to fit everything in.
I have dreams to organise an online magazine, and have already some lovely and very talented artist lined up, but with more and more work coming in (which is great as the last 6 month have been rather quiet) and maybe the Art Fair in Sydney it is just slipping away each day a tiny bit more.... A couple of days ago I found Brendan Austin and I fell in love with his projects especially the "Paper Mountains".

August 20, 2009

Vivid memories

These images by Ken Rosenthal are from his series "Seen and not seen". In his statement he is talking about vivid memories, but in fact false memories as he wasn't even born yet. "Interestingly, as this body of work has evolved, some images have become so resonant that the lines between experience and invention have blurred even more."

August 17, 2009

BW Magic

I am often drawn to forests and when I came across Kristin Satzman's amazing bw images of her surrounds I just had to post them.
"Magic is always pushing and drawing and making things out of nothing. Everything is made out of Magic, leaves and trees, flowers and birds, squirrels and people. It must be all around us. In this garden - in all places." The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett.

Painterly magic

Today I came across Sasha Rudensky as I browsed through Photo Eye. His images achieve a perfection of composition and leave a bit of magic behind.

August 15, 2009

In transit

I found these photos by Julia Christe recently on Lumas. I have admired them for some time now, but forgot where I saw them, so it was a delight to stumble upon them again.

August 13, 2009

Great interview

A little while ago I featured some inspiring work by Alec Soth. Today I found this great interview with him on too much chocolate.

Travelling dream

I immediately was fascinated with Angela Bacon-Kidwell dream like & ethereal images. She says on her website: "My photography comes from a life long obsession of exploring how my subconscious generates my dreams. As I move through my day, I am keenly aware of my encounters with people, places and things. I mentally record the details of these situations, and the physical or emotional responses that they evoke. These fleeting associations replay themselves in my dreams. The random moments combine to form sleep stories that are rich narratives, ripe with symbolism. With that as my model, I construct sets, use props and invite myself and models to perform in a natural, intuitive way. In essence, I attempt to create a waking dream."

August 12, 2009

How clever

When I saw these images by Cynthia Greig I had one of those moment - I wish I would have thought of that. I think they are absolutely stunning in their executed simplicity. I have been collecting broken things - ie toasters, broken cups and old iron, have painted them white, to photograph them on white (I don't know what it is with my fascination with white on white), but I know - I most probably would never have thought about outlining them in such a clever way.

August 11, 2009

On White

On Sunday I had planned to do some weeding, but got side tracked when I spied an old sheet of white paper and a gold foil in my sun studio.

August 10, 2009

Herbarium treasures

Here are a few more photos I took at the Herbarium - School of Botany - University of Melbourne. I am absolutely smitten, when I see these old specimens. I always have to think about the collector - who went walking, found them, brought them back, flattened them, stuck them on a piece of paper, put their information on a little card, kept them in great condition, only for me to take them out of their amazing old cupboard, untie the lovely pink ribbon and marvel at them (some of them) 80-100 years later. I never seem to get tired looking at these.