September 30, 2009


I am absolutely delighted with the work of finnish artist Ville Varumo's calm images. I am drawn to the soft colurs and absence of people.

September 26, 2009

Specks of colour

Today I found these lovely snow images by Yosigo. I find it fascinating how we all look for completely different things in a similar environment. I know snow and snow and snow is never the same, but sometimes I cant help but wonder what would happen if you take say ten photographers and give them an identical object?

September 25, 2009

White silence

I am definitely a summer girl, but every so often I wish I would have the opportunity to go and loose myself in whiteness. I love the silence and softness, snow leaves behind. These gorgeous & almost invisible images are by Nicolai Howalt.

September 24, 2009

Metal plates

Today instead of continuing to work on my online journal, I got side tracked by a few amazing websites and could not wait to share this one. I think Naomi Vanderkindren is my absolute favourite today. These images are from her series "Tintypes: Early". She says on her website: “Tintype” refers to a photograph made through a direct positive process on a blackened metal plate. The highlight areas represent exposed silver, while the shadow areas reveal the blackened background (this is opposite of conventional black & white photography, where the shadows are made up of silver against a white background).
All of my plates are hand cut and prepared and thus each plate reveals unique differences and artifacts within the under-coating and emulsion. My earliest tintypes, as on this page, were made with an inter-positive, while my later tintypes are exposed directly in camera." Now I wish I could do a workshop to learn how to do these.

Taking time

When I first saw Allison Grant's work, it took me a while to realise the illusions she created for us, and then I could not get enough. I am drawn to her work because it is so simple & beautiful and yet you have to take a moment to look deeper and see her play. Make sure you read her statements.

September 23, 2009

Preview, review and extended

I came across Keith Johnson via Fraction Magazine and really enjoyed "The extended Landscape" I found on his website.
This is his statement: "The idea of an extended photographic document is not new, in fact I am aware of a constructed panoramic image with full Daguerretype plates of San Francisco harbor dating from 1848. Sometimes the single image does not or can not present the idea in the way the photographer conceived it. Sometimes the concept is derived from a re-view of the images made, sometimes they are previewed, and sometimes they are constructed from an idea unrelated to the original event. Once the contact sheets are made or files viewed in Lightroom, I am able to see how the images relate to one another. It's then that my extended landscapes speak. Standing in a field of grass in 2004, the light was grand, the grass looked great, a picture that Callahan made came to mind and in a bit of time I had shot eight or so negatives. The contact sheet made clear the relationships between images and my involvement. The grease pencil is my tool, connections are made, pictures are friends and want to work together."

September 22, 2009

Homage to green

I find forests tell their own stories - when there is complete silence. I am sure Andres Marroquin must have used his personal silence to express himself in his series "All lillies sold out today".

September 21, 2009

Lack of water

As summer is slowly approaching I am looking forward swimming out doors again. In Melbourne, we constantly have to think of our lack of water, so these amazing images by J Bennett Fitts showcase unfortunately only too well what our pools could look like this summer.

September 17, 2009

Air chambers

A couple of years ago I started this project. It was only recently that I had the chance to re-photograph them with a proper macro lens. Well - same same, but different... No those ice cubes don't exist anymore, but I treasure this delight, their content slowly evaporates and there is nothing left to proof that they existed. Maybe I made them up, dreamed about them... I guess you can say that I am absolutely fascinated by details, the smallest things. I created big ice cubes only in order to see inside them, discover their intricate worlds, air bubbles floating around, frozen in time. These little - almost invisible - worlds; explain why I still photograph.
The longer I gaze at them, observing and searching through the different terrains, forever finding micro environments and depending on the depth and focus one can find different views and landscapes. It is almost like looking through a microscope. Maybe I should have become a scientist.

September 16, 2009

And once again I am dreaming about a holiday

Over the last few month I have saved a couple of inspiring photographer's iamges waiting to be shared. "Coastel Elements - Series I" is by Adrian Davis . Not only do his images make me dream of a holiday, they make me want to go on an adventure and find these amazing places.