September 23, 2009

Preview, review and extended

I came across Keith Johnson via Fraction Magazine and really enjoyed "The extended Landscape" I found on his website.
This is his statement: "The idea of an extended photographic document is not new, in fact I am aware of a constructed panoramic image with full Daguerretype plates of San Francisco harbor dating from 1848. Sometimes the single image does not or can not present the idea in the way the photographer conceived it. Sometimes the concept is derived from a re-view of the images made, sometimes they are previewed, and sometimes they are constructed from an idea unrelated to the original event. Once the contact sheets are made or files viewed in Lightroom, I am able to see how the images relate to one another. It's then that my extended landscapes speak. Standing in a field of grass in 2004, the light was grand, the grass looked great, a picture that Callahan made came to mind and in a bit of time I had shot eight or so negatives. The contact sheet made clear the relationships between images and my involvement. The grease pencil is my tool, connections are made, pictures are friends and want to work together."

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