September 17, 2009

Air chambers

A couple of years ago I started this project. It was only recently that I had the chance to re-photograph them with a proper macro lens. Well - same same, but different... No those ice cubes don't exist anymore, but I treasure this delight, their content slowly evaporates and there is nothing left to proof that they existed. Maybe I made them up, dreamed about them... I guess you can say that I am absolutely fascinated by details, the smallest things. I created big ice cubes only in order to see inside them, discover their intricate worlds, air bubbles floating around, frozen in time. These little - almost invisible - worlds; explain why I still photograph.
The longer I gaze at them, observing and searching through the different terrains, forever finding micro environments and depending on the depth and focus one can find different views and landscapes. It is almost like looking through a microscope. Maybe I should have become a scientist.

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  1. Hi Heidi,

    Just found your blog and like the way you show and select images, your own and others. Thank you!

    Also, really interesting - maybe September is a time of instrospect? - on 20/09 I accidentally found similar detail you're talking about in this post, inside the ice cubes, but of all the places, in my coffee plunger (link below). Felt like a nice coincidence to see your work here. Good luck with everything.


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