October 13, 2010

Following his instincts

I do not think Baltimore would be an easy city to photograph, but I think Daniel Shea's little narrative - he shot on and off over a few months, doesn't leave us only with poverty stricken images, but subtly manages to add more character to the city and it's people of Baltimore.

October 11, 2010

Straight lines

Oh the simplicity and clarity of Andreas Gefeller is outstanding. I came across his folio via 500 photographers and after watching his video I went to his website to see more of his images. A few years ago I attempted to photograph our tram lines - there seem to be a about a million in Melbourne - but I have to confess, mine never looked this great.

October 7, 2010

Study and investigation

I would love to be able to study and see these delicate prints by Charles Grogg up close. His series "Reconstructions" - platinum palladium print on handmade Japanese gampi, sewn on Japanese washi, are an inspiration. They seem so honest & quiet that I feel I could study them a long time and still not know any more. He is currently showing new work at the new Wallspace Gallery in Santa Barbara. (Via)

October 1, 2010

New UYW Issue out

One moment among many to record or invent their story & share it with us. Their time invested in following a whim or an idea. The time and expense it took to make 100 exposures, to make a memory and find a moment that fits perfectly into the past.

Bryan Schutmatt
Juliane Eirich
Tim Carpenter
Anne Katherin Greiner
Aaron Wojack

View our tenth issue here.