September 24, 2009

Metal plates

Today instead of continuing to work on my online journal, I got side tracked by a few amazing websites and could not wait to share this one. I think Naomi Vanderkindren is my absolute favourite today. These images are from her series "Tintypes: Early". She says on her website: “Tintype” refers to a photograph made through a direct positive process on a blackened metal plate. The highlight areas represent exposed silver, while the shadow areas reveal the blackened background (this is opposite of conventional black & white photography, where the shadows are made up of silver against a white background).
All of my plates are hand cut and prepared and thus each plate reveals unique differences and artifacts within the under-coating and emulsion. My earliest tintypes, as on this page, were made with an inter-positive, while my later tintypes are exposed directly in camera." Now I wish I could do a workshop to learn how to do these.

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