August 7, 2009

Can one be a full time dreamer?

I asked myself at the end of last year, and have to say - yes one can and one should. The last six month have been a little dream come true. I had time to take lots of photos, start a blog, finish my website and have an exhibition with a new series. The exhibition opened last friday and I am actually happy with the result. A week before the opening I changed my plan completely in regards to framing and designed a wall, hoping to invite people to get closer and explore the different sizes of the book landscapes. The day before the opening I got very nervous if my image would hold up against the other 8 photographers, as this series looks rather soft + fragile... but I think they did ok. Phew. Now that the first half of the year is over, I have once again way too many ideas and plans, but have to constantly remind myself to continue to have the courage to dream. For the last couple of weeks I have been going to the School of Botany - University of Melbourne Herbarium, to look through their amazing collection of specimens. Cant ask for more: amazing specimens + old paper and amazing hand writing.

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