January 19, 2009


i have thought and thought on how i could begin this blog - and found it rather daunting, so it has taken me two weeks to begin.

i thought maybe i should introduce myself first…. so here we go…
when i am not working on commissioned projects i play.
to keep me entertained, inspired and excited. i either take photos, read, paint, make birds nests (images to follow one day) or investigate how to make sculptures out of found materials.
after dinner you usually find me walking our dog or playing chess with my wonderful partner.

after endless encouragement i have finally opened a shop on etsy - tales of light. it was a great task to sort though some of my photos and endless other photo boxes are waiting to be rediscovered and used. i have to confess, i rather take photos or dream up new projects then get them print ready and present them, but i will try to get better at showcasing my work on a regular basis.

there are always so many ideas to choose from and follow through. i guess it's the marketing part which i seem to have trouble with - even being a designer and knowing all about it.
it's so much more fun to explore then to present one idea which stops further exploring and is in the end more time consuming.

i always said i probably have to be 70 to have a solo exhibition, but i will try and get one together this year. the images are ready there waiting to be scanned and shown to an audience. but they are always of the last idea and i always find myself thinking i need to investigate the current idea. i guess i enjoy the playing bit, where you see things in a new light and after the image is taken - well that's it. for the last few years i have looked at them once, then put them in a box and happily closed the lid.

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  1. dear heidi, i scrolled through your blog.. not everything, it's too much at one time, but a lot of it..
    i'm really impressed and delighted - what a joy to see so much really good modern photography at one place! lots of inspiration..
    THANK YOU for that!


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