November 23, 2009

Adding to the imagination

For the last many many years I have tried to exclude people from my images and it is only know that I start to get curious to add them again. I find these images by Allen Frame mysterious & delightful.
It is amazing how much tension and an invisible story line people can can add to an image - simply with them being there. They belong - they are part of that place and its history.


  1. make my mind create such fantastic stories. love it!

  2. oh, heidi, thank you for finding allen frame!! i'm in love with his book "detour" which i brought back from the book fair in frankfurt 2004.. now i know where i can write him and give my feedback, for some strange reason i couldn't find any homepage in internet..
    great! never saw his colour fotos.. they're awesome! my favourite of your choice is the 3d from above :)


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