March 5, 2010


Today I would like to share the outstanding work by Xiong Wenyun found through Galleria dell'Arco. Once again, I could not locate the photographers website, but was smitten with these images.
Through further research I found more information on the design boom website: "the 'rainbow' project is organized as an articulated ensemble of outdoor performances, environmental installations, and production of photographs. 'marking' several lorries with gigantic cloths painted in the seven colours of the rainbow, the artist leads a long and colorful caravan along the desolate and impassable route that connects bejing with the tibetan plateau, passing through town and cities inhabited by and peoples for whom art and color remain alien concepts.
thus, the artist has created metaphorically a living rainbow with the dual intent of sharing and, at the same time, investigating the revelatory and magical power of colour. the idea of the artistic experience as a moment of sharing together with the use of codes of land art conceived of as a collective performance constitute the historico-critical coordinates against which we must read a work which presents itself as a bridge (the very structure of the rainbow).
in presenting itself thusly, the work of art seeks to act as a bridge between the universalistic aspirations of an ‘art of the people and amongst the people’, and a profound and lyrical reassessment of the value of colour and the rainbow in chinese culture, and, in particular, in the buddhist interpretation of tibetan tradition (for the tibetan monks, the rainbow symbolises the ladder that unites the earthly sphere with the celestial)."
Yesterday I also noticed that Xiong Wenyun is represented by Three Shadows Photography Art Centre.

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