September 7, 2010

Past perfect

So how absolutely amazing are Josef Schulz's "Uebergang" images? Actually all of his images. Firstly I wanted to showcase his "terraform" series, but then, well how could I go past these ones? I used to love stopping at this little huts/rooms, show my little passport and be off on a new adventure with languages I didnt understand, but got to eat pasties and drink wines I loved... Anyway I am getting a little side tracked here... “Nostalgia isn't what it used to be.” ( Peter De Vries) I know sometimes I feel like a big happy hippo, ohh isnt this nice and this and what about this etc, but you know, for every ohh I also look through 100's of website, well which frankly aren't, so when I do find a great one, my heart skips a beat and I believe again.

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