June 8, 2009

Fingerprints as evidence

I can't remember how I came upon Alines blog, but I was delighted to have found it and read about all those photographers, some I had noticed before and others new to me. On her website you'll find seventeen projects and all of them amazing. I decided to show some of her images from her series "Shadows and stains, notes from a dark room". To be honest I downloaded those images a while ago, but forgot which series they were and after looking through her website again, I was amazed to read her project statement and find that her words echo my thoughts. I especially liked her last line: I want the shadows and stains of my photographic fingerprints as evidence that I was there, in a dark room." I don't have a dark room, and havnt been in one for years, but if... I know it would be hard to get me out of there.

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