June 29, 2009


In 2006 I found the amazing work of Phillip Toledano. Since then he has done even more outstanding work. I was more then touched by his personal work "Days with my father". (Unfortunately I cant show you the images as they are not down loadable... I know I could screen grab them, but I rather prefer to send you to his link. Every time I showcase a photographer, I also introduce myself, to make sure, it is fine to use their images).
The images below are from KayLynn Deveney and they reminded my of Phillips work. The images are an outstanding dairy of this lovely couple who have been married for over 70 years. I admire KayLynn for being able to take these images. Her other series "The Day-to-Day Life of Albert Hastings" is also very tender.
I live in Australia and my family is in Germany, so when my grandmother was close to dying I went home to be with her. I often imagined myself taking images of her fragile but also lovely state, but I am not sure if my family would have understood. I guess, I could have asked, but I was not brave enough to stand behind the camera and take those last images.

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