October 2, 2009

Hidden treasure

Today I downloaded a great image by Ben Roberts from his blog. I have been to his website a couple of times before, but I do not think I had noticed his "Superpit" series before. Some days I guess we see different things or they seem to effect us differently. The machinery used for mining is just massive, so I wonder how long the set up would have taken for these amazing images. I do have to confess that they do make me feel rather small... and I do remember those Hotels, we stumbled in there one night hungry and thirsty and were rather surprised.
From Ben's website: "These are troubled times for man – increasingly we are being forced to be introspective about our role in the world and it’s ecosystems. Global warming is becoming a real threat. The boundaries of what is acceptable behaviour by corporations and individuals are the source of much discussion and rhetoric. However, beyond the politics of Australia’s mining industry there are a myriad of human stories – a workforce (predominantly male) that in many ways preserves the traditional “Aussie Bloke” (industrious, forthright, loves a cold beer) making a living in a harsh environment often thousands of miles from home. Dwarfed by the vast hole in the ground they have created, they work long hours throughout the year in searing heat, supporting their families who reside in the nations coastal cities. To these men, mining is a way of life that has often been passed on through generations. As the lifetime of mineral resources becomes shorter, the need to find an alternative, sustainable form of employment for the huge mining workforce will become of increasing importance."

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