October 24, 2009

A language of his own

I came across Brendan George Ko through Darrens website and thought if I not post them straight away, I will forget where I found them. I have always adored words and when I read I find myself underlining a word here and there, only to put them together at a later stage and try different variations to make up little stories, titles or poems... So you can imagine how much I appreciate these beautiful and simple images with the typography. Finished pieces, ready for a book cover.

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  1. I was so stunningly surprised/excited to see these images on your blog. Brendan is a long time friend of mine and a brilliant photographer. I love seeing him recognized.
    My sincerest apologies for nit-picking... but you have misspelled his name. It's Brendan George Ko.

    Thank you so much for recognizing Brendan and for celebrating his fine eye.


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