February 24, 2010

The art of books

For the last few months I have tried to find a way to print UYW. I have looked at Blurb and while I have not held a copy yet, I do not think the quality will be as high as I expect it. If I have to pay roughly $80-$100 for a book, well I want it to be first class - if somehow possible. So I ordered "Life is a Series of Small Moments" by Elizabeth Fleming from MagCloud to check out the quality of the paper and print. Unfortunately if I were to print over 64 pages, the paper will be very thin and there will be see through. So my other option is to print a few here (has to be a bigger order as it is more expensive to do one at the time) in Australia by the lovely guys from Impact Digital, choose the paper I want, have a thicker cover then the inside pages and have it saddle stitched and voila a copy to my hearts desire. But it would be much more expensive and I wonder who might still be interested to purchase it as there are so many other and cheaper books/journals out there.... but I think there will always be a trade off. I often see "cheap" books/journals and often wonder how it is possible to produce them at that price + maybe a tiny mark up? So I am sorry, but I think you all have to be a bit more patient, because there wont be a printed copy until I have found the quality I want and a price I think is ok and will make you happy.
There is also a great interview on Larissa Leclair blog with Elisabeth on this very issue.

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