February 11, 2010

UYW issue 4 out now

I am delighted to announce the fourth issue of UYW. It is a double issue in collaboration with Fabio Severo from Italy and his choice of artists. Melbourne and Italy are not very close as you know, but it was a delight to sit next to Fabio in our kitchen and discuss the sequencing of his artists.

All artists in this issue provide an excellent insight into fine art photography. They invite you to linger in their world, allowing their amazing images to unveil themselves over time and tell their own stories. These images are a great example of an investigation between the imagined, the staged and the real.

Carlos & Jason Sanchez moments of rupture
Jari Silomäki alienation & other stories
Jean Claude Delalande dehors
Rip Hopkins romanian rip
Trinidad H. Carrillo the name from mars
Brendan George Ko reminiscence
Phil Toledano misfits
Francesco Millefiori visualizza
Daniel Glazer rain & snow series
Ben Alper the family dig (2008 - )

You can either download UYW (20mb) here, or view the spreads here.


  1. Great issue Heidi !!! I wish to see more magazines and galleries like UYW in the photographic art scene

  2. Yaniv, thank you so much for your kind words :)

  3. This is the best issue yet. The design and lay out is excellent - lots of room for the images and text. Cool!


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