May 3, 2010

New UYW Issue

You might remember Yaniv from the first edition of UYW. He generously curated the first half of this issue by inviting other journal makers to submit images. Most of the time they provide a platform for other artists to show their works through the virtual world of the web, but now he put them in the spot lights and exposes their personal works and ideas.

For my part, I invited five artists to share their dreams and desires by throwing themselves into a new project - they had two months to come up with anything they wanted... and now I am asking you to do the same - to try to sense, experience and feel their project’s rather than understand them. This may not be definitive. And it might present you with certain problems. In fact I’m sure it will. Try to treat these problems as minor distractions, a giggle of relief that rejuvenates your ability to keep sensing. This is backwards I know. But it might make you look, or feel differently, might open more possibilities for more meanings and connections, more interpretations. You don’t need me interpreting. Pretend I’m not here. Imagine. You can invent your own story. Full of fantastical adventures, or quiet sojourns. A whole library of thought, a box of dreams. A world of essays. Flying carpets and magic theory.

Barry W Hughes

Fabian Grimme
Marius Rehmet
Peter Skwiot Smith
Simos Saltiel
Caitlin Duennebier
Lorena Endara
Maximilian Pramatarov
Olivia Locher
Susanne Willuhn

You can either download UYW (19mb) here, or view the spreads here.


  1. this was so absolutely fabulous again, heidi! i really love UYW, it's definitely one of the best online photomags worldwide.

  2. Ohh thank you so much Ieva - always nice to hear this :)


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