May 27, 2010

Something different

I am not one to get up when it is still dark outside, but for the last 2 weeks I have been practicing early starts, so I can finish all the projects before I head off in two weeks - hurray. This morning I was tickled by Sylvain Cotte images along with his descriptions: (First image) "In 1986, Leon Grellutch became the first Belgian astronaut. Unfortunately, the trip sponsored by Jupiler will never see the day and Leon will land forever. He’s always visiting Belgian universities to give lectures about life on Mars."
(Second image) "Sergi Fuentes is the first Spanish to join the deceased ABA (Animal Basketball Association) in 1967. At the end of a summer of love which will stay in annals, he joins Detroit and his Pistons. During its first match, the mascot of the team annoys him accidentally just like that with piston. He will remain weak light for life." I love cyanotypes and seeing that I will move in 10 days and have a shed, well maybe I'll have to set up a dark room again. Sylvain is also selling 20 unique editions in the size of 14,8 x 21cm printed on 340gsm art paper.

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