December 20, 2010

Thank you

Sorry for my absence in the last couple of weeks... no real excuses at hand, other than I designed a book of our new house (well actually more of the surrounds) for my parents for xmas and it took longer than expected - as most things do. I love it that in our minds we can think about all the great projects we like to do and they are done as quickly as we can dream them up, but if we begin the project in earnest, well... it always takes much longer.

Also a big thank you to Bryan from la pura vida for including UYW in his "Top 15 Photography Websites of 2010."
It is an honor to be on this list along with Ahorn Magazine, 1000 Words Magazine, Daylight Magazine, The New Yorker's PhotoBooth, Jen Bekman's Hey Hot Shot, Wired Magazine's RAW blog, Luceo Images, The New York Times Lens Blog, Blake Andrews' blog, Pictory, Flickr, Tumblr and Urbanautica.

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