January 3, 2011

Happy new year

Every new year comes with a lot of new dreams and inspiration. Today I became aware of John Maloof's blog Vivian Maier - Her discovered work and like most of you I like a good mystery, big dreams and seeing it all happen. Vivian was an incredible artist and thanks to John's hard work we can see her work now. John is also trying to raise funds to make a documentary, so head over and help make the project a reality. I am a little sad that Vivian probably never received much attention while she was still alive, but at the same time it inspires me. These days I think everyone wants to be a superstar, a hero and hopefully without working too hard and in record time... What inspires me about her work is that she loved what she did - she had a sense of humor, an amazing eye for details and she took images for herself. I absolutely love that she had 100's of undeveloped rolls of film just sitting there. I believe the act of taking the photograph was what inspired her and after that moment had passed - she (maybe) didnt care. She never had to worry about selling her images, finding a gallery, etc, she just took her images and (hopefully) was happy. I am sure - vee4ry so often she would have wondered why she continued to take images, but she did and thankfully never stopped. She simply did what she wanted to do and what she did best - take photos and now thanks to John dedication he is sharing her work.
Other great resources about Vivian here and here.

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