February 9, 2011

A rare look

Last week I came across Zdenek Tmej's "The Alphabet of Spiritual Emptiness" published in 1946. At first I was just drawn to the images, but then I read that these images were taken inside a Nazi labor camp in Breslau, Poland during World War II. I was simply amazed that Tmej, a Czech citizen was allowed to photograph and keep his images. While working for the Nazis, Tmej managed to make the most of his experience and transformed his surrounding in the most sensitive and elegant way. This just reminds me again that beauty is always there - one just needs the vision to see it.
From the Errata editions website: "Books on Books #10 presents every page spread from this extremely rare and fragile document including the original texts by Alexandra Urbanova translated for the first time into English." Release date: February 2011

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