February 6, 2011

UYW 13 online

These days we are constantly busy and life is hectic. There are many things to fill the day and as many adventures to be explored. As fine art photographers we need to find the quiet moments to notice the mundane in a new perspective. To follow the light, to be able to stop and observe. From walking the streets of London, to following bathers, finding discarded objects and usually unnoticed moments, by looking at our surroundings & environment. We are all drawn to different aspects of every day life. As photographers we try to preserve the memory of an experience.
This issue highlights the different styles of five photographers, who while different, are in some way concurrently pulled together by their unparalleled memories.

Friederike Brandenburg
Daniel Shea
Eanna Freeney
Jane Tam
Oksana Yushko

You can view the new issue here.

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