January 16, 2010

In passing

This week I was told (by someone who is ninety) that live is not a marathon, but a sprint. We are only at the beginning of January, but I feel everything becomes a bluer again. Sometimes I am simply amazed how much information we have to understand, digest and file somewhere for future use. So sometimes; in between running around, it is a pleasure to find small hours to myself; to escape and play; to dream and invent. Sorry, sometimes I might forget to send an email or two... but there is always next week.


  1. ieva let me find your blog and i´m realy amazed about your wonder-full work!
    keep on dreaming while running...

  2. Welcome to my blog Kyoto

  3. oh yes, i understand so much what you are saying here.. it's exactly the case with me too..
    i love this series, heidi!!

    and i'm glad to see that i brought some new readers here ;))


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