January 27, 2010

Personal memories

I always adore a good title and "Little wolf: let's make some memories" sums up this great work by Steven Beckly. He lives and works in Toronto, Canada, believes there is a beauty in everyday moments that normally go unnoticed, doesn't like chocolate, but loves Oreos and wishes he had a pet wolf.


  1. so much good stuff here again, heidi (i didn't check your blog for some while)!!

    love the second from above!!

  2. PS: i just noticed that you write the names of the artists in the "labels". could you please add the scroll of labels on your sideboard? i'd like to see all the photographers on one glance. especially because i'd like to look up for alain frame again, but i do not remember which month, which year you posted about him.
    thank you!

  3. this website is really impresssive and beautiful.


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