January 19, 2010

Not so commen women

I can not remember when and where I first saw these images "After the Women of Paradise Road" by Nathaniel Ward, but they certainly stuck. He says on his website: "After the Women of Paradise Road" examines commodified women in order to better understand the larger spectacle of mass-marketed, socially conditioned, and narrowly defined sexuality. Taken from the covers of adult periodicals distributed in magazine vending boxes that line Paradise Road in Las Vegas, the photographs reveal tropes of marketable desire that include the necessary anonymity of the sexual object, the disposability of desire, a set of clichéd sexual poses, expressions and gestures, and the sectioning of the human body into marketable parts. The weathering, sun bleaching, and amplified layers of separation between the viewer and the women who actually posed for the original photographs speaks to a desensitization to the beauty and value of the women, leading to greater psychological separation between attraction, sex, sexuality, and emotional intimacy."

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