January 5, 2010

Rolling in

Happy and exciting new year. I am back from my holidays - well have been for a few days now, but have been busy trying to finish the new UYW issue (unfortunately everything is running a bit behind schedule as I simply could not do any work anymore at the end of the year. I truly tried between christmas and new year, but...) also I thought it would be a nice idea to put myself in this upcoming issue, but as aways I find it rather hard to decide and choose... All is finally organised and hopefully the journal will be out in the next couple of days. It is a ladies issue only and I am very excited about it. Apart from UYW I also have to finish a lovely branding job I have to present next week. I was rather inspired by the the horizon - such an inspiration. I could stare at for hours if not days. I tired to make a little sound scape with the waves, but unfortunately it didnt work out.


  1. a hello to sugimoto? ;)

    oh, i'm exited about the new issue too !!:)

  2. Sugimoto is one of my absolute favourite photographer. All of his work is simply outstanding.


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