January 15, 2010


Last night as I was lying in bed I had all these amazing words for all the upcoming posts, and now that I sit here in front of the computer with my coffee, I seem to have misplaced those words and cant think of how they ever made such glorious sentences last night.... Sometimes it makes me feel better if I hear that other photographers take images of the same thing for a long time as I often wonder about that very tiny line between passion and obsession, but what Joe Zorn calls it his obsession - well I call it his passion.


  1. oh, it's so familiar to me, both - the best formulated texts at night, and then blanc in the morning, - and - the "obsessions". photographing the same motive again and again...

    i like these images. i like this "nothing" and still so alive and a bit disturbing (but perhaps it's so only in my perception)...

    is it fog in the last picture? or snow?

  2. thanks for the words. it's snow in the last one.


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